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Bed Bugs Inc. is a well known company that is trusted by many customers! We have several different specials going on that are undeniable and reliable! We pride ourselves in the fact that we are professionally trained and certified in exterminating your bed bugs. And, we stand by our motto that states, “if the bugs come back, so do we!" Check out our specials below!

Got Bed Bugs?

Nothing is better than a good night’s sleep, especially after a long day at work. There is something incredibly amazing about putting on your favorite pajamas, slipping into soft sheets, laying your head on a fluffy pillow, and then drifting off into a beautiful dream. Who would want anything to come between them and the magical wonders of sleep? No one.

But sometimes things happen, like bed bug infestations. Bed bugs are small and flat insects that can quickly take over your home and make your life a thousand times harder as long as they are in your home. They can hide in places where they have easy access to you at night. They lie in wait in your mattress and bed springs and other small places until you are sleeping and vulnerable. Then when you are peacefully unaware, they strike. They feed by piercing your skin with their antennae and sucking your blood.

We offer Bed Bug Heat Treatments – $795

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We offer Bed Bug Steam Treatments – $695

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We offer Bed Bug Car Services – $199

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We offer Bed Bug Air Duct Cleaning and Remediation – $795

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