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Bed Bugs Inc. is here to meet your needs by offering a variety of expert, high quality exterminating services. We always respond quickly to our customers because we are committed to helping them get rid of their bed bugs fast. To learn more about our individual services, please check out some of them below.

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Bed Bugs Inc. – Bed Bug Services

Heat Treatments

With this treatment, our exterminators bring heaters that heat your rooms up to a temperature that is lethal to bed bugs. With our heat treatments, every room is taken care of and treated.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments starting at $795!

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Steam Treatments

Bed Bugs Inc. offers efficient and reliable steam treatments for residential and commercial facilities to eliminate bed bugs. You can depend on us to get rid of your bed bugs!

Bed Bug Steam Treatments starting at $695!

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Car Treatments

Bed Bugs are so easily transferrable that once you get them in your home, you can take them anywhere you go! This means that your vehicle is likely to be infested as well. Get your car treated today.

Bed Bug Car Treatments starting at $199.

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Air Duct Cleaning

Bed Bugs can get inside and live in your air ducts. Bed Bugs Inc. will thoroughly clean and sanitize the air ducts so that no hiding place is left undiscovered.

Bed Bug Air Duct Cleaning starting at $795!

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