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Air Duct Cleaning Remediation

Have you had your air ducts cleaned? Do you know how often you should clean them? Did you know that bed bugs can get inside and live in your air ducts?

Bed Bugs Inc. can help you answer these questions! Bed bugs are known for living in one’s bed, but not many people know that they can live in your air ducts too. Luckily, Bed Bugs Inc. can get rid of your bed bugs by several different treatments styles, including cleaning of your air ducts. Bed bugs often crawl into air ducts and lay their eggs.

Bed Bugs Inc. will thoroughly clean and sanitize the air ducts so that no hiding place is left undiscovered.


At Bed Bugs Inc., we understand that having an infestation of bed bugs can seem embarrassing. That is why our trucks are discrete, and will not be an indicator to your neighbors that you have bed bugs (as pictured above).

Before and After:

In the pictures you see above are live pictures from air ducts that Bed Bugs Inc. has cleaned due to bed bug infestations. There is a huge difference in the two! Not only does it help rid of your bed bug infestation, but having your air ducts cleaned will help you and your family breathe better, and have the house smell fresh! Because of the filth in your air ducts, bed bugs find that a nice and cool place to lay their nests. Make the right decision and call Bed Bugs Inc. to rid rid your house of dirty air ducts, as well as bed bugs!

Bed Bugs are small, and invisible to those who do not know what they are looking for. That is why our trained and certified exterminators know where to look and know exactly what they are looking for! Heat is a very effective form of ridding of bed bugs, but doesn’t always do the trick. Bed Bugs Inc. offers other services so that you have peace of mind knowing that they are gone.

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