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We offer residential and commercial bed bug services, including heat, steam, vehicle, and air duct treatments.

When purchasing one or more of our bed bug services, one of our trusted and trained exterminators will come to the property, and treat your home in the best way possible for your situation. For more detailed information, call us today!

Your home very well may be your largest investment so don't take chances. Bed Bugs Inc. knows how to treat your home and we treat the places you wouldn't know to treat. Bed Bugs love to nest and breed in your bed frames, mattresses, headboards and baseboards, and your car. They even like to nest inside your air ducts! You can have peace of mind knowing that your trained and certified exterminator will treat those areas, and help you prevent them from invading your home in the future!

As mentioned before, we exterminate bed bugs from residential and commercial facilities. Using heat and steam treatments almost guarantee that the bed bugs will be gone. However, if the customer does not use the preventative tips given to them by the exterminator, it is possible that the bed bugs can come back.

Absolutely! Heat and steam have been methods of treatment proven to be the best possible way to get rid of bed bugs. Under high heat and steam, bed bugs and their eggs cannot possibly survive and literally suffocate.

Our exterminators are very diligent when it comes to taking care of your immediate bed bug problem. For more detailed information, call Bed Bugs Inc. today!