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Bed Bugs Inc. Serving Franklin TN 

Bed Bugs Inc. is your trusted friendly, affordable exterminating company in Franklin providing bed bug services. We are an employee owned company dedicated to making your home pest free and more comfortable by providing the best quality bed bug service in Franklin. Our exterminators will achieve that end simply by taking good care of you and your home. One of our hopes is that you not only feel respected, but we finish our services and give you peace in mind!

How can I check if I have bed bugs on my own?

There are a few ways to check and see if you have bed bugs. The most obvious and first sign that most people see first is bites on their skin. Unfortunately, this is the worst sign of infestation. However, there are other ways to see if you have bed bugs. Another sign of a bed bug infestation would be finding bed bug fecal material on the corners of mattresses. The next most obvious sign of a bed bug infestation is seeing blood stains on your sheets and pillowcases. Believe it or not, the blood is yours. It came from the bed bug being rolled over on, and killing it. Finally, you could figure out if you have an infestation by seeing something that looks like the picture to the right. This picture is of someone’s couch that has bed bugs in the cracks and crevices of the furniture. 

If you have not spotted them, or would simply like for a professional to spot them instead, call Bed Bugs Inc.! We have certified specialists that are trained in looking for and exterminating bed bugs. In addition, we have a variety of different services that are available to our customers!

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