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Ambulance exterminator - 888-269-6210 Fast Emergency Bed Bug Services for Ambulance EMS Vehicles - 928 5.0 Reviews ★★★★★

Ambulance exterminator - 888-269-6210 Fast Emergency Bed Bug Services for Ambulance EMS Vehicles - 928 5.0 Reviews ★★★★★


Emergency Medical Technicians are focused on helping people, so bed bugs are likely the last thing on their mind. Unfortunately with bed bugs reaching near epidemic proportions in this country it's something that they can run into when dealing with people in emergency situations. EMTs are often called into homes where they have no idea what kind of home they are walking into when they get the call. They may pick up a bed bug while helping a person in critical need or the patient may bring bed bugs with them on their trip in the Ambulance. The patient may not even realize that they are at risk of transferring bed bugs until after it has already happened.

Someone that works out of an Ambulance spends countless hours in that vehicle and having to share it with bed bugs can make it miserable. Not to mention the worry of possibly transferring bed bugs to their own home from the Ambulance. At Bed Bugs Inc. we are able to treat a wide variety of vehicles including Ambulances. Find out how we can help make your job a little easier.

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Bed bugs being in a home, and in a bed, is where we commonly hear about bed bugs. But what many people do not know is, bed bugs can just as easily get into vehicles. Bed bugs can be picked up from just about anywhere these days. Once a bed bug is picked up on your clothing, you can transfer it into your vehicle to go home, to your workplace, or wherever you are going next. Do you see now how bed bugs can easily spread from place to place? Personal vehicles are not only victims, but Ambulances are too.

You might be thinking, how in the world could an ambulance have bed bugs? It’s actually very easy. Many many patients are in and out of ambulances every single day. EMT’s go into many homes to help save the lives of those who are in need. In either one of those instances, bed bugs can be transferred from one place to the next. Which means that bed bugs can be in ambulances without the EMT crew even knowing.

Now, many people will say that a chemical treatment is the best option to eliminate a bed bug infestation in an Ambulance. Let us be the first to tell you that that is not the best option at all. Putting highly toxic chemicals in an enclosed and tight space where people’s lives are at stake is not safe at all. Anything designed to kill something is absolutely not safe to go into an ambulance where they are trying to save lives. The most effective way to eliminate a bed bug infestation in an ambulance is with a heat treatment. Bed Bugs Inc. specializes in heat treatments for bed bugs. So call today! 888-269-6210

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Every technician is dedicated to making sure your Ambulance is bed bug free. They will not stop until that is accomplished.


We make sure that our technicians are on time and ready to tackle any bed bug infestation thrown their way. Every Ambulance will receive the care they deserve!


Our only focus is to put all of our energy towards eliminating the bed bug infestation in your Ambulance! Because we put our focus and energy into our customers’ needs, we have very many happy customers.


Your Ambulance will be bed bug free when we’re done with it! You can count on Bed Bugs Inc.!