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“ Thank you! Your staff was wonderful by the way. Everyone from the people that answer your lines to the technician. ”

Jennifer C.

“ The technician that came to my house was so nice and thorough. Before he got started, he walked through our home with us and made sure our prep work was done correctly. He was very knowledgeable and answered every question we asked. Thank you Bed Bugs Inc.! ”

Janice J.

“ The technicians that came out to our house were very respectful and even helped us with last minute preparation for the heat treatment! We were in such a cluster mess and worried the treatment would not work. But Charlie really eased our minds and went above and beyond. Thank you Bed Bugs Inc. for great service! ”

Daniel B.

“ We thought very highly of the guys that came out to our home to get rid of our bed bugs. They were very knowledgeable and completely wiped out our bed bugs. Thanks Bed Bugs Inc.! ”

Dellie I.

“ Thank you for doing a great job. Your tech Wesley was a very professional, informative and friendly young man. ”

Tuesday L.

“ The truck they used was so anonymous you literally would have thought they were a moving company. First class all the way and no more bed bugs after the heat treatment. ”

Brandy P.

“ We were so hesitant about getting our home treated for bed bugs. But when we called Bed Bugs Inc, we were immediately comforted when we talked with them and realized they were professional. They took their time answering our many questions, and completely got rid of our bed bugs! Not only did they do that, but they actively help us prevent bed bugs from coming back in our home. Thank you Bed Bugs Inc! ”

Jamie P.

“ The professionals at Bed Bugs Inc were so kind during the most embarrassing time of my life! I wasn’t even feeling comfortable in my own house until Bed Bugs Inc. got rid of my bed bugs. I will always be grateful for the peace of mind Bed Bugs Inc gave me and my family! ”

Lindsey W.

“ I was devastated by the discovery of the bugs in my dad’s house on his two recliners! I spoke with Wesley several times and he was the difference maker from that point on in this unnerving experience. He assured me of his confidence in the process at Bed Bugs Inc. and he was right. They handled everything and they were gone! Most thankful for their experience and dealing with these awful pests! Thank you! ”

Denise M.

“ Bed Bugs Inc really knows how to get rid of bed bugs! The best part about their service was that they didn’t show up in a bed bug truck that would have told my neighbors what was going on! They were professional and kept my privacy! Thank you Bed Bugs Inc! ”

Samantha T.

“ Thank you Bed Bugs. Inc for all of your help in getting rid of our bed bugs. Our home feels like home again thank to you all! ”

Mark S.

“ The guys that came to our home we’re respectful, courteous, and professional. They explained everything in great detail and did everything they said they were going to do. We appreciate Bed Bugs Inc. ”

Steve B.

“ He was very thorough and explained everything in detail. He did an excellent job. Thanks Bed Bugs Inc. for the great service! ”

Charlotte S.

“ Charlie was very thorough and explained everything he was going to do in great detail. He also explained how I can prevent them from coming back! Bed Bugs Inc. did a wonderful job in my home! Thanks Bed Bugs Inc.! ”

Savannah T.

“ The exterminators were kind and respectful of my home, and got rid of the bed bugs! I was really embarrassed but they informed me that infestations happen all the time. They were kind, and I would recommend them to anyone! ”

Pamela L.

“ These people are extraordinary! They made recommendations on how I can prevent bed bugs from coming back after treating the house. We took their proposals and have been content with the outcomes. ”

Lucretia A.

“ I was really nervous that my neighbors would find out that I had bed bugs and they would treat me differently. My mind was completely changed when Bed Bugs Inc. came to exterminate my bed bugs in a discrete truck. No one knew why I needed an exterminator, and my bed bugs were gone! Thanks Bed Bugs Inc. for providing me with that peace in mind! ”

Laurel W.

“ I was very pleased with the work that Charlie did. He was very friendly and sincere and honest. I would highly recommend Bed Bugs Inc. ”

Mason T.

“ Great experience, great service, great people. Bed Bugs Inc. really understands the struggle of having bed bugs and they know how to get rid of them. Thanks! ”

Wesley H.

“ Great experience from start to finish. Everyone that I dealt with was friendly and professional. I highly recommend them. ”

Nathan W.