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We Exclusively Use Non-Pesticidal Bed Bug Control Measures

Bed Bugs Inc. | Nationwide Bed Bug Services starting as low as $395

heat treatments in Fircrest

Bed Bug Heat Treatments $795

We provide residential and commercial customers of Bed Bugs Inc. careful and skillful heat treatments for bed bugs.
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*actual prices may vary.

steam treatments for bed bugs in Fircrest

Bed Bug Steam Treatments $695

We offer careful bed bug steam treatments for Bed Bugs Inc. residential and commercial customers.
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car treatments for bed bugs in Fircrest

Bed Bug Car Treatments $395

We offer quality, expert bed bug exterminating for your vehicles.
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air duct cleaning for bed bugs in Fircrest

Bed Bug Air Duct Cleaning $695

We provide air duct cleaning services to remove the bed bugs developing inside your air ducts.
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Our workers here at Bed Bugs Inc. are certified, so that they know how to treat your home as adequately and efficiently as possible.


Our employees have been working with Bed Bugs Inc. for years and have treated many homes. We are on time and respectful of your home. We pride ourselves on being virtuous and reliable for our customers.


Bed Bugs Inc. has many happy customers, and we strive for perfection each day! That way, you know that we put our all into our services!


Bed Bugs Inc. works diligently to get rid of your bed bugs!

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