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heat treatments in Loxley

Bed Bug Heat Treatments $795

We provide heat treatments for homes and businesses in the Loxley area!
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steam treatments in Loxley

Bed Bug Steam Treatments $695

We offer steam treatments for bed bugs in Loxley beginning at $695!
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car treatments in Loxley

Bed Bug Car Treatments $395

We provide quality and affordable bed bug car treatments starting at $395!
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air duct cleaning in Loxley

Air Duct Cleaning $695

Bed Bugs can be developing and hatching in your air ducts! Reach out to us today to find out more information on our bed bug air duct cleaning!
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*actual bed bug heat treatment prices may vary.

Bed Bugs have become a nuisance in Loxley, AL, and all over the Alabama area, for years. Lately, Bed Bugs have invaded many homes without the residents even knowing it. Unfortunately, you can pick up a bed bug simply by sitting down in a department store, staying at a Bed and Breakfast while traveling, or even going to a neighbor's house. There are many ways bed bugs can enter and invade your home, and it’s even harder to eliminate them. Bed Bugs are so tiny and so sticky that the usual Loxley homeowner wouldn’t be able to tell if they had bed bugs. Some of the most common signs of bed bugs are:

  • Fecal stains on the corners of the mattresses
  • Clusters of Bed Bug eggs
  • Adult Bed Bugs

However, with a trained exterminator like the ones at Bed Bugs Inc., we are able to identify the nest. And, we can effectively eliminate those pesky bed bugs with one or more of our bed bug treatment styles. One of the most powerful ways to get rid of bed bugs is by heat treatment. Once the rooms are heated to a certain temperature, the bed bug adults and eggs will suffocate, and die off. Afterward, we do a thorough inspection to make sure that the bed bugs are dead.

Bed Bugs are unsafe for you and your children. Don’t let them make your loved ones struggle, call Bed Bugs Inc. now to set up an appointment to eliminate those bed bugs! 888-269-6210

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