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We offer residential and commercial bed bug heat treatments in Antioch TN starting at $795. Call us now! 888-269-6210

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We offer bed bug steam treatments for residential and commercial customers in Antioch TN starting at $695. Call us now! 888-269-6210

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We offer quality, expert bed bug exterminating for your vehicles in Antioch TN starting at $199. Call us now! 888-269-6210

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We offer air duct cleaning services to get rid of the bed bugs living inside your Antioch TN air ducts. Starting at $795. Call us now! 888-269-6210

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Bed Bugs Inc. Serving Antioch TN

Bed Bugs Inc. is your trusted friendly, affordable exterminating company in Antioch providing Residential & Commercial Bed Bug services. We are an employee owned company dedicated to making your home pest free and more comfortable by providing the best quality bed bug services.

Bed bugs can be such a frustration when it comes to sleeping at night. It is hard to go to bed when you know you have bed bugs. Luckily, Bed Bugs Inc. can help you restore your peace in mind when it becomes bed time! With our many different services, we can eliminate your bed bugs and provide you with tips on how to prevent them yourself in the future!

Bed Bugs Inc. has been exterminating bed bugs for the past 20 years! We offer many different bed bug services to our customers! These different service would include:

  1. Heat treatments
  2. Steam treatments
  3. Vehicle services
  4. Air Duct Cleaning

All of these Services are effective and efficient! We understand that bed bugs can be a hassle. That is why Bed Bugs Inc. services homes like yours to eliminate bed bugs altogether!

If you have seen one bed bug, you haven't seen them all. Bed bugs have become more of a pest over the past few years. Bed Bugs Inc. realizes how frustrating bed bugs can be in your home. Not only that, but we understand that getting your home treated for bed bugs is very important to you. It may very well be your number one priority. With our services, we can effectively eliminate bed bugs, as well as give you additional information on how you can help prevent them in the future. Believe it or not, Bed Bugs Inc. is here for you!

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