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Bed Bugs Inc. Serving Donelson TN Since 1999

Bed Bugs Inc. is your trusted friendly, affordable exterminating company in Donelson providing Residential & Commercial Bed Bug services near. Our company is dedicated to making your home a place that is comfortable and bed bug free! 

“Nite Nite! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!"

The first time you heard this phrase, you probably thought it was just a goodnight saying that your grandmother told you as you were going to bed. But actually, this phrase is more than just a saying, it’s real!

Bed bugs live inside your mattresses and come out at night to feed on human blood while we are sleeping. It can be scary and quite frustrating when you are wanting to get a good nights rest. Luckily, Bed Bugs Inc. can eliminate your bed bugs and help you get some peaceful sleep! We have a variety of different bed bug services to choose from and they are all effective!

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