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We offer residential and commercial bed bug heat treatments in Nashville TN starting at $795. Call us now! 888-269-6210

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We offer bed bug steam treatments for residential and commercial customers in Nashville TN starting at $695. Call us now! 888-269-6210

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We offer quality, expert bed bug exterminating for your vehicles in Nashville TN starting at $199. Call us now! 888-269-6210

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We offer air duct cleaning services to get rid of the bed bugs living inside your Nashville TN air ducts. Starting at $795. Call us now! 888-269-6210

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Bed Bugs Inc. Serving Nashville TN Since 1999

Bed Bugs Inc. is a trusted and dedicated company that has been eliminating bed bugs in Nashville homes for over 20 years. We are an employee owned company that satisfies our customers by getting rid of their bed bug infestations. We live by our motto that states, “if the bugs come back, so do we!"

The employees at Bed Bugs Inc. want to make total sure that you are fully aware of the severity of the situation at hand. That is why our trained, experienced technicians explain to you fully what is to be expected. We strive to comfort you by giving you peace in mind that your bed bugs are gone!

Heat Treatments

If you have researched bed bugs, you have probably seen that heat is a highly recommended treatment! Luckily, Bed Bugs Inc. offers heat treatments for bed bugs. In Nashville, bed bugs are continuing to spread. Bed Bugs spread very easily. Unfortunately, they can be spread from someone’s home, to a park bench. Therefore, spreading from the park bench to your child’s school. From there, they get spread from your child right into your home! It is scary how fast and how easily they can be brought into your house. So, before they infest your home, call Bed Bugs Inc. We will not only rid of your bed bugs, but we will teach you how to prevent them from re-infesting your home!

Steam Treatments

Not only do we offer heat treatments, but we also offer steam treatments! Adding both heat and steam to your bed bug service leaves you with an undeniably great service and even better results! In addition, we also offer car services and air duct cleaning services! Call today for more information at 888-269-6210!

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