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Bed Bugs Inc. Serving Portland TN Since 1999

Bed Bugs Inc. is a friendly and affordable company in Portland TN. Our company is employee owned and we are dedicated to making your home pest free and more comfortable. We do that by providing high-quality bed bug services to your home. We strive to give our customers an undeniable service that will give them peace as they sleep at night.

If you have heard the saying, “Goodnight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite," you probably though it was just a childs saying. Unfortunately, it is not. Bed bugs populations are getting bigger and bigger as the years go on. Bed bugs don’t allow for people to get a good nights rest, but Bed Bugs Inc. does! We offer a variety of different services you can choose from. Once we are done, your satisfaction is guaranteed! However, we live by our motto that states, “if the bugs come back, so do we!"

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