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Bed Bugs Inc. Serving Springfield TN Since 1999

Bed Bugs Inc. is your trusted friendly, affordable exterminating company in Springfield TN. We provide both residential & commercial pest control services. In fact, we are an employee owned company dedicated to making your home pest free and more comfortable for you. Our goal is always to provide the best quality bed bug services in Springfield. We achieve that end by making sure your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Bed Bugs Inc. offers a variety of different services. These include:

Our employees will always treat you and your home with respect. Moreover, we understand that having bed bugs is very difficult and sticky situation. We want to make sure you feel respected, and taken care of at all times! All of our exterminators are trained and certified specialists in exterminating bed bugs. Bed Bugs Inc. will explain everything in great detail so you know what to expect from the service. And, we will explain the the things you can do, as a homeowner, to prevent them coming back!

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