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Is a very popular search on the internet these days. You’ve come the the right place for Overnight Bed Bug Heat Treatment.™

Bed Bugs Inc serves thousands of customers every years using highly effective Overnight Bed Bug Heat Treatments. ™ 888-269-6210 -- 618 Reviews - Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★

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Bed Bug Heat Treatments $795

We exterminate residential & commercial structures for bed bugs using proprietary Overnight Heat Treatment ™ techniques.

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*actual prices may vary.

steam treatments for bed bugs

Bed Bug Steam Treatments $695

We offer comprehensive bed bug steam treatments for residential and commercial customers.


car treatments for bed bugs

Bed Bug Car Treatments $395

Expert bed bug exterminating for your vehicles.


air duct cleaning for bed bugs

Air Duct Cleaning $695

We offer air duct cleaning services to get rid of the dead bed bugs inside your air ducts after the Overnight Heat Treatment 

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Exclusive Non-Pesticidal Overnight Bed Bug Heat Treatment ™


Bed Bugs Inc. | Nationwide Bed Bug Heat Treatments starting as low as $395

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“These people are extraordinary! They made recommendations on how I can prevent bed bugs from coming back after treating the house. We took their proposals and have been content with the outcomes.”


Lucretia A.

“I was really nervous that my neighbors would find out that I had bed bugs and they would treat me differently. My mind was completely changed when Bed Bugs Inc. came to exterminate my bed bugs in a discrete truck. No one knew why I needed an exterminator, and my bed bugs were gone! Thanks Bed Bugs Inc. for providing me with that peace in mind!”


Laurel W.

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Getting rid of bed bugs is affordable when you choose Bed Bugs Inc.

Effective Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed Bugs Inc provides the most effective Overnight Heat Treatment ™ in the industry.

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There are a lot of invisible places bed bugs can hide on you bed and throughout your home. Overnight Heat Treatment kills bed bugs where they live.