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Let us help you get rid of Bed Bugs with our professional, affordable Bed Bug services.

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Bed Bugs Inc. Services starting at $795 - Affordable, Quality Bed Bug Control Services Call 888-269-6210 Rating: 5.0 - ‎26 reviews ★★★★★

Bed Bugs Inc. | Bed Bug Services starting at $795

We offer emergency and routine heat treatments to our customers.

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We offer emergency and routine steam treatments for residential and commercial customers.

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We offer quality, expert exterminating for your vehicles.

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We offer air duct cleaning services to get rid of the bed bugs living inside your air ducts!

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Peace Of Mind

We understand that having bed bugs can be an unexpected frustration! Also, it can be difficult to handle and get rid of them. The worst part of having bed bugs is the horror of taking them anywhere you go. Unfortunately, it is unable to avoid. Someone could have bed bugs and brush up against you, and then you could take them home. Then, your kids can take them to school and unknowingly give them to the kids and teachers at school. It is a never ending cycle. This information makes you want to stay at home, right?

We want you to have peace of mind knowing that we will exterminate your bed bugs and take care of you. Bed Bugs Inc. will help you not only get rid of bed bugs, but give you pointers on how you can prevent a future infestation! Trust Bed Bugs Inc., and call 888-269-6210 today for an appointment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Why do people choose Bed Bugs Inc?


Our workers here at Bed Bugs Inc. are certified, so that they know how to treat your home as adequately and efficiently as possible. 


Our employees have been working with Bed Bugs Inc. for years and have treated many homes. We are always on time and respectful of your home. We pride ourselves on being virtuous and reliable for our customers.  

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Bed Bugs Inc. has many happy customers, and we strive for perfection each day! That way, you know that we put our all into our services!


Bed Bugs Inc. works diligently to get rid of your bed bugs. If the bugs come back, so do we!

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“The employees are so nice, and respectful towards my home and my sanity during this frustrating time! They showed me where the bed bugs were, and then preceeded to explain to me how I can prevent them myself! Thanks Bed Bugs Inc.!"

Audrey C. - December 1, 2017

“The employees at Bed Bugs Inc. are so kind! The sales representative was very thorough at explaining what the exterminators will be doing, and that made it so much more comfortable having them inside my home! My bed bugs are gone, and my peace of mind has been restored! Thank you Bed Bugs Inc.!"

Jeremy B. - Feb 2, 2018

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